Environmental Policy

As part of the Travis Perkins Group, Travis Perkins are fully committed to protecting the environment. Travis Perkins are continually looking for new ways to improve the environmental performance of all our trading activities.

Please visit our Group website for full details on our environmental policy.

Information about Welsh Carrier Bag Charge

In October 2011, the Welsh Government introduced a 5p charge on all single trip carrier bags provided to customers. Monies raised from the bag charge are donated to Breast Cancer campaign and Together for Short Lives charities. The latest Welsh carrier bag charge record can be found below:

Single Use Carrier Bags Charge (Wales) Regulations 2010

Record for the period 7th April 2013 to 6th April 2014

Number of chargeable bags supplied: 745

Total amount received from the sale of chargeable bags: £37.25

Total amount received from the 5p charge: £37.25

Net proceeds of the charge: £31.07

[Administration and compliance costs were not charged, as they exceed the bag revenue]

The difference of £6.18 between the total amount received from the sale of bags and the net proceeds of the 5p charge is made up of the following:

Amounts above 5p that customers paid for bags: £0

Costs incurred informing the public about the charge: £0

Compliance costs: £0 VAT: £6.18