Estimatinng Services

Estimating Services

The Travis Perkins Estimating Service is a quick, cost-effective and accurate way to provide your customers with professional, thorough estimates.

Our in-house estimating team saves you the time and hassle of costing jobs, which can be particularly useful when it comes to quoting complicated, large projects – freeing up your time for more useful things, like building.

How it works:

  1. Submit full-size copies of your plans to your local Travis Perkins branch or visit the Self Build website Estimating Service to create an estimate.
  2. A summary of your estimate will typically be returned within 10 working days, broken down by build stage.
  3. Visit any Travis Perkins branch to review the estimate, customise the labour charges or change the spec if necessary and receive the full detailed version of the estimate.
  4. When you are ready to proceed, the branch can convert your estimate into orders as you complete each stage.

Our Estimating Service... saves you time

Whenever you work out your business’s estimates, it’s potentially time wasted – during business hours, you could be getting on with chargeable work, and there are much better ways to spend your free time, outside ‘office’ hours.

Our Estimating Service... saves you money

Our Estimating Team charge from £60.00 per estimate (Ex VAT) for a domestic extension to £120.00 per estimate (Ex VAT) for a new build, and there are no hidden expenses waiting down the line. Plus, if you’re an Account or Trade Cash Card holder any agreed prices or discounts you have will automatically be applied to your estimate. It’s that simple!

Our Estimating Service... lets you view and amend your estimate in any branch

Once your estimate is ready, we’ll post it out to you and upload it onto our central system so you can access it at any Travis Perkins branch across the country, allowing you to amend your estimate according to your needs.

Labour costs included

Your estimate includes labour costs based on a combination of the Hutchins UK Building Costs Blackbook and a guide from local builders in your area. You can easily alter these by giving the estimating team your preferred labour rates and we’ll amend your estimate free of charge.