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Cold Weather Work Gloves


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What are the best winter work gloves?

Our hands are the most adept work tool out there, so safeguarding these precious implements is of paramount importance in the workplace.

Protecting your hands whilst working outside, especially in cold conditions, can be challenging. Depending what trade you’re in, you could find yourself needing to handle greasy or wet equipment, and the cold weather can make tricky tasks even more of a challenge.

We’ve put together this informative guide to introduce ATG, and explain why they are leaders in their field of intelligent glove solutions.

Who are ATG?

ATG manufacture work gloves for the professional - including the design and development of each product. Utilising the latest technologies, each garment offers high quality performance, along with comfort, durability, and kindness to skin - all in a glove that’s built to last.

There are two main types of glove that are best suited to working in cold environments: MaxiThermⓇ  and MaxiDryⓇ , and here we tell you why.



These robust work gloves are made with a substantial coating of natural rubber latex (NRL) to the whole palm area, featuring a textured micro-foam, non-slip grip. The soft fleece lining gives you warmth and comfort on the job - making them the perfect cold weather work gloves.   

Main features:

  • Durable NRL coating, with a palm thickness of 2.5mm

  • Brushed acrylic and polyester seamless liner

  • Anatomically designed for dexterity, and helps reduce hand fatigue

  • Thermal resistance down to -10°C

  • Protection from contact heat up to 250°C for 15 seconds

  • Patented non-slip grip

  • Knitwrist cuffs

  • Flat-dipping technology reduces perspiration and improves breathability

  • Dermatologically safe

  • Washable


  • General handling

  • Suitable for oily, wet or dry applications

  • Work requiring thermal/heat protection

  • Ideal for winter work


Agriculture | Cold Storage | Construction | Engineering | DIY | Garden and landscaping | General Handling | Light Hot Works | Oil & Gas | Rail | Utilities | Waste Management



These professional work gloves are ¾ coated with a durable Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) coating. The micro-cup non-slip grip aids controlled handling, whilst maintaining optimum flexibility. The locking cuff stops the glove from slipping on the hand - providing a snug and comfortable fit.

Main features:

  • LIQUItech - aids protection against liquids, oils and chemicals 

  • ERGOtech - lightweight locking cuff, reduced hand fatigue 

  • GRIPtech - micro-cup non-slip grip for better performance

  • Durable 3/4 NBR coating, with a palm thickness of 1.3mm

  • Knitwrist locking safety cuffs

  • Patented non-slip grip

  • Dermatologically safe

  • Silicone free

  • Seamless nylon and elastane liner  

  • Washable


  • General handling

  • Suitable for dry, wet or oily conditions

  • Work requiring thermal resistance


Agriculture | Cold Storage | Construction | Fisheries | Food | Oil & Gas | Rail | Utilities

For a more in depth view of all the technologies that MaxiDry boasts, watch the below video to find out more.

Kind to skin and the environment

All gloves from ATG are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, and go through a washing process after production - this ensures cleanliness and removes any stickiness from the glove.

Every ingredient that goes into producing these innovative work gloves, is REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant and do not contain any SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern).

ATG have implemented a HandCare programme, which is integrated into each product they produce. This programme is to ensure that the core value of sustainability and environmental aspects instil confidence in the wearer - caring for your skin and the planet.



ISO 14001: environmental management

All manufacturing processes and facilities are ISO 14001 certified.

REACH compliant

All manufacturing processes are in line with the European REACH regulation. In addition, all garments are Dimethylformamide (DMF) free and are free from SVHC.

Sanitized: added hygiene

Working like a deodorant, Sanitized helps your gloves to stay fresher for longer. The specific grade of Sanitized used is triclosan free.


The post-manufacturing cleaning process uses water that’s rain-harvested, treated and recycled from ATG's own water treatment facilities. This guarantees gloves are ‘Fresh out of the pack’, and is certified by Oeko-Tex - another step further to helping the environment.

Dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance

The Skin Health Alliance verification reassures professional glove users that ATG's gloves are skin safe.


Cost effective

The reason these work gloves are so cost effective, compared to other similar types of PPE, is due the fact that they are washable - giving them a longer life. You should always read the manufacturer’s laundry instructions for correct guidance, as each type will differ. 


View our range of ATGⓇ gloves, as well as other PPE to help keep you safe on site. And if you’re looking for advice on safety work boots and shoes, read our guide here.   

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