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Controlling the risks

  • Always conduct a pre use safety check before using equipment. If there are any problems, please contact your local branch and they will be happy to help
  • Always ensure the Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) frame is in place before use
  • The seatbelt must always be worn during operation (unless in exceptional circumstances where your risk assessment deems not to be i.e. working near water)
  • Never attempt to jump out of the machine if it tips. This is the main cause of serious injury 
  • Driving with the skip raised on dumpers is the main cause of dumper tips. For your own and others safety, please do not do this. Unsuitable and unstable ground conditions greatly increase the risk of machines tipping 
  • Prepare your working area safely and remain aware of your surroundings throughout the operation 
  • Where retractable tracks are fitted always leave in the widest position when conditions allow


Keeping you safe

Our industry leading plant safety handover process is designed to raise awareness of how to operate and safely use our machinery. All our machines are provided with safe use information, HAE leaflets and manufacturers books, alongside advice to all users.



Check out our videos today TPTV

Take a look at our health and safety videos for tips on the following products:


JCB Site Dumper                                               JCB Micro 0.8T Excavator                            JCB Mini 1.5T Excavator


Do you know?

STOP Excavators and Dumpers can tip over if used incorrectly. 

THINK Watch and take note of the messages in the video. Always wear your seatbelt* and have the Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) in place. Never attempt to jump out if the machine tips.

ACT Remain vigilant during operation.

*Unless near water.

If you would like more information please contact your local branch. Call or log in online to view your price 0344 892 3355.