Deck-Tite Outdoor Screw Pozi Countersunk Net-Coat Green Plated 4.5in x 63mm Box of 200

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Deck-Tite®’s unique ‘thread pitch to Core Size Ratio’ gives the perfect balance between ease of insertion and pull-out retention whilst increasing the core sheer strength. It’s Tri-Lock™ thread forms, not cuts, a thread in the material expanding the wood which then relaxes back around the screw ensuring a tight and locked fix. Once driven in the screw will not move, it is secure for good - no stubbed toes!
  • Spiral point for immediate start. No pilot hole required
  • Permeated case with through hardening allows the perfect balance between core ductility and surface toughness with the strength of a high tensile bolt the screw will not snap
  • Part thread eliminates jacking where a full threaded screw tends to pull apart the jointed material
  • Collar gives strength to the most vulnerable point of the screw, whilst allowing a deeper recess and less cam-out for a secure drive
  • Three flats on the thread means that as the screw is driven there is less surface contact between the screw and timber allowing less battery wear, easier insertion and the screw will not work loose as the boards are walked upon
  • Net-Coat® Green developed for new pressure treated timber and outdoor use

Technical specification

4.50 mm
63 mm
Head Type
Drive Type
Green Net-Coat®
Interior or Exterior Use
Single Thread Screw
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