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Armour UP is a range of personal protective equipment, of over 45 products.

- Certified by an accredited notified body

- Fully regulation compliant

- Designed for performance featuring Tecton* and Templex* technology for enhanced performance and fit. (on selected products)


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Frequently asked Questions

Why should I buy Armour UP Products?

Armour UP is certified by an accredited notified body and fully compliant with the latest regulations. 

It is a range of approx 46 products that are designed for efficiency and comfort featuring Tecton and Tempflex technology. * (on selected products only)

It is important to assess what PPE is required for each job to ensure that you select the right product to give the right levels of protection. 

For more information please review the PPE Buyer Guide ( 


What FFP1, FFP2, FFP3  mean when talking about respiratory protection?

FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 (Filtering Face Piece) are different classes of respirators; they offer different levels of wearer protection. Simply put, the higher the protection factor the better the reduction to the airborne contaminants. FFP3 offers the highest level of wearer protection.

What is APF?

APF is the “Assigned Protection Factor” which indicates the level of protection provided by the mask. A respirator with. an APF of 20 offers double the protection of one with an APF of 10. 

How do I select the right mask?

Review the level of protection required and whether you need the mask to have a valve. The valve helps the mask remain comfortable to wear as you breather. Always check you are wearing the right mask for the job. 

I have heard that having facial hair can impact the mask’s protection, is this true?

Yes this is true facial hair stops the respiratory mask from sitting as tightly to the face surface than if a face is cleanly shaven. This will ultimately reduce the performance of the mask. We would recommend a xx mask for those men with facial hair requiring respiratory protection. 

Ear Protection

How do I know what ear protection to use for different noise levels?

Please refer to the Buyers Guide on the Armour up landing page for more information and a key to the best type of ear protection

What does SNR mean?

SNR is the Single Number Rating which shows the number of decibels the hearing protection will reduce the noise level by, when fitted correctly. 

Should I still be able to hear if wearing ear protection?

It is important that the ear protection used reduces the noise level down to 80 decibels to be safe, but you should always be able to hear to avoid other hazards on the site such as vehicles moving etc. 


How many gloves are there in the Armour UP range?

There xx products in the Armour UP range which includes the standard Builders Glove, to Technical Lightweight Precision Touchscreen and Impact Resistant Gloves. 

How can I find out which glove is suitable for my job?

If you go to the Buyers Guide on the Armour UP landing page there is a comprehensive table which will help you decide on which glove suits your requirements. 

What does the level mean on the packaging for the gloves?

The level determines the protection that the gloves offer, for example some of Armour UP products have a level 5 blade cut resistance and a level 4 abrasion/tear resistant benefit. 

Performance levels go from 1-5  and 1-4 with the largest number being the highest protection. 

Eye Protection

What is Tecton?

Tecton is a coating on the lens that gives extra protection to the glasses. It covers Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog, maximum protection against UV light, Moisture Repellant. 

The coating is bonded and curved on both sides of the lens for durability.

What is Tempflex?

Tempflex is technology that is designed for comfortable and durability. It is available on Wraparound and Sportstyle glasses. 

What types of glasses are there in the Armour UP range?
The Armour UP range offers protection from goggles, to sealed spectacles and wrap around glasses. Armour UP glasses also offer lens shade options. 

Armour UP’s glasses also have Tempflex technology for comfort and durability.

What do the lens shade variations mean on the Armour UP eye wear?

There are 4 different lens shade in the Armour UP range. 

Clear - for general purpose especially indoors

Amber - ideal for low light environments, artificially lit areas, dawn and dusk

Smoke - Smoke lens reduces sun glare when working outdoors.

Blue - Blue lens filters out the sodium vapour (yellow light) generated by strip lighting, and also works well as an outdoor tint.




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