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We stock essential sand and aggregates for making cement, concrete and mortar, making sure you have the right material for your project. From patios to driveways, foundations to brick walls, we can supply aggregates in different sizes to suit your building work. For convenience, we've made our sand and aggregates available in both bulk bag and trade bag sizes. This includes sharp building sand, ballast, and sub-base, creating an effective load-bearing support for paths and pavements. When creating a new stone pathway or feature, decorative stones give an attractive addition to your project, with different coloured pebbles in a mix of sizes. We also have bags of slate chippings for loose layers, which help with drainage while giving a contemporary look to a back garden or driveway. We're here to help with your bulk aggregate and trade sand supplies, plus stock a range of decorative stones, rock salt and asphalt pothole repair products, available for you to order now.