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Travis Perkins has a wide range of bricks available, from common bricks to facing bricks, we can supply you with the right style and quantity for construction and repair. Even if it's the classic red bricks or bricks in a choice of styles and finishes - we have exactly what you need. Our selection of facing bricks comes in thicknesses from 65mm to 75mm, and in a variety of colours and textures, suited to most contemporary properties and walls.

We also have a choice of Class A and Class B engineering bricks for specialised projects, ensuring greater durability for heavy structural brickwork. We can provide a full range of bricks and blocks for every aspect of construction, with concrete common bricks for cost-effective building, as well as aerated blocks and ventilation bricks. We have the right brick to suit every need, and our brick calculator will help you with selecting order quantities. You'll find the full range available to order now, along with other essentials including special bricks, damp proofing, membranes, and more.