Charity Support

Building cancer support

Since the launch of our partnership in 2015, Travis Perkins and Benchmarx have raised over £3 milllion for Macmillan Cancer Support. Through organising fun events in branches, taking on personal challenges and delivering product promotions, our employees, customers and suppliers have passionately embraced our partnership, helping us reach this incredible amount. We are so grateful to everyone who has got involved to support this fantastic cause. 
There are currently 3 million people living with cancer in the UK, with someone receiving a cancer diagnosis every two minutes. We know that one in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their life-time. That’s means half of our employees and half of our customers will be directly impacted by cancer – we want to play our part. 
Our fundraising helps Macmillan to ensure people living with, or affected by, cancer receive the support they need to live life as fully as they can. Macmillan supports people from the point of diagnosis through to end of life, by providing physical, financial and emotional support, when people need it most. 
We are so committed to ensuring people living with cancer get the support they need, that we have extended our partnership until December 2023, with the ambition to raise a further £3million over the next three years. We hope you will all join us in reaching this ambitious target, to support people living with cancer across the UK.

How our support makes a difference:

As our business has many male employees, customers and suppliers, we are uniquely placed to help Macmillan reach and encourage men to speak up and seek support when they need it. 
In the UK, around 500 men are diagnosed with cancer every day. However, men often find it difficult to talk about cancer, let alone ask for support. Over the next three years, our partnership is helping to raise awareness of the support available and encourage men to speak up and ask for help. Additionally, the money we raise will help to fund Macmillan’s Direct Services, including Macmillan’s Support Line, Macmillan Grants and Mobile Information Services, helping Macmillan to support harder to reach groups, including men, and ensure everybody living with cancer is able to live life as fully as they can.

Here are Kiwi and Jonjo, speaking about their experiences of talking about their cancer diagnosis, and how they benefitted from asking for support. 


Luke’s story 

Luke developed a pain in his abdomen. At first, he put it down to irritable bowel syndrome, but after 6 months of pain he finally agreed to see a doctor.

"I did the typical bloke thing of ignoring it. Mainly because I’ve been brought up to be a typical man and just ignore stuff. Like most blokes do."

Luke’s GP was concerned about his weight loss and immediately referred him for further tests. Luke was eventually diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer and had to have a right-handed colectomy as well as chemotherapy. 

Luke was allocated a Macmillan nurse, Theresa, who dropped in at his home once a week. He said, ‘Theresa was brilliant in that she was very honest when I kind of needed an honest answer. She knew that I needed to hear the truth so didn’t beat around the bush.’

In particular, Luke says Theresa saved his life by helping him decide when to have his chemotherapy. He had a choice between an earlier and a later option and says that, if he’d waited for the later option, he may not have pulled through.

Luke also visited his local Macmillan center, who were able to help him with his finances, and used Macmillan’s website for additional information and support:

"They helped me get a grant for my car tax, so I could get to my chemotherapy, and helped me try to claim disability benefits. Because I didn’t have any money. I was desperate. Without Macmillan, I think there would be a lot of scared people. There were times when I was scared. When I didn’t really know what would happen. But the information I got from Macmillan comforted me. I had that knowledge of what was to come."

If you’ve been affected by cancer and want to talk, the Macmillan Support Line can offer practical, financial and emotional support. Call Macmillan free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 8pm) or visit for more information.