COVID-19 Service Update

A message to our customers, followed by your FAQs below


To protect our colleagues and customers, we won’t allow customers into our shops, trade counters or warehouse areas who aren't wearing a face covering, unless they’re exempt in line with Government guidance.
Please also make sure that you wear your face covering correctly – covering your mouth and your nose. If you happen to forget your mask, we’ll happily supply you with one. If you refuse to wear a mask we can only serve you outside. Let’s work together to keep each other safe.


We remain open to support your business.

As the UK goes into another National Lockdown, Travis Perkins and Benchmarx will remain open online and in branch where it is safe to do so.

The Prime Minister has emphasised the importance of the construction materials supply chain for the UK’s critical infrastructure, to ensure our country's homes and businesses are kept warm, dry and secure. We maintain operating legitimacy as a business that provides vital support to the construction industry.

We’re confident in our supply chain to keep our stock levels as healthy as possible. We ask you to support us by working closely with our branch teams on your order requirements, avoiding the temptation to over order at this time.

Our number one priority remains to maintain the safety of our colleagues and customers, following Government advice and precautionary measures. Please continue to follow social distancing, hygiene and face covering protocols when visiting us. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For any local information, please refer to your local branch.  

Staying COVID-19 Secure

If anyone has concerns about our safe working arrangements, please raise them with the local manager or email


Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

In line with sound Health and Safety practices we have undertaken a COVID-19 risk assessment, taking into account how we operate whilst continuing to maintain the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers, suppliers and others involved in our day-to-day activities. Our assessment for branches is available here and our assessment for distribution is available here, and will be reviewed on a regular basis in light of new guidance and any feedback from relevant stakeholders.


Our Assurance Arrangements

We have arrangements in place to ensure that our businesses comply with our Social Distancing Principles and follow the three-lines of defence principle:

  • 1st Line of defence - Local Manager Self Assessment and Line Manager Reviews (initial assessments completed, review COVID arrangements monthly)

  • 2nd Line of Defence - Reviews of sites carried out remotely or in person by our HSE Team (all sites have been visited)

  • 3rd Line of Defence - An independent review of our COVID-19 secure assurance arrangements (completed by HASTAM June 2020)


We will be strictly adhering to the following:

  • Social distancing rules will be rigorously adhered to in branch and on deliveries

  • Our Branch Managers are empowered to make local decisions and processes to ensure safety is not compromised 


It is compulsory to wear a face covering in shops. Before entering our branches, please ensure a face covering is worn to keep yourself and staff safe. Thank you for your cooperation.


We will continue to strive to provide the best service that we possibly can. Bear with us - the availability of colleagues may impact our operation, and our ability to deliver or load certain products will be dependent on social distancing rules being adhered to by all. But, as always, we will do our best for you. 


Please help us to support you by working within the guidelines.


How to order:

Use the branch locator for information about your local branch services and opening times.


FAQs: your questions, answered


How do I contact you if I have an query? (including product queries)

We are keeping customers informed on our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, by SMS, email, and our website. For local queries please email your local branch, which can be found here. For urgent queries please email or call 0330 123 3846, for account details amendments please email:, for invoice queries please email:


Can I extend my credit terms?

Please contact your local Credit Services team in the normal way, details can be found online or on your recent invoice or email:


How can I get a copy of my invoices?

Activate your existing trade credit account online, if you haven't already, and log in here to view your invoice, manage your account and make payments.


Can I still open a trade account?

Yes you can open a trade account as normal here.


Can I still activate my existing trade account online?

Yes, activate your account and log in online here.


Are credit control available to contact for our business account?

Our Credit Control team are currently experiencing a high number of calls, they will answer your call or email as soon as possible. Please contact in the normal way, details can be found online or on your recent invoice, for invoice queries please email:


How do I check what contact information you hold of mine? (email, SMS, phone)

Please email and we can investigate this for you.


How can I place an order?

You can place an order with us online, via email or telephone. Please refer to our branch locator  to check the services available at your local branch and for contact details.


How can I pay for my outstanding invoices? Can I pay them online?

You can pay online when you register your account and log in here, or please contact Customer Services on 0330 123 3846.


What happens if I can't pay my bill?

Please contact your local Credit Services team in the normal way, details can be found online or on your recent invoice or email:


What happens to this months account payment?

Please contact your local Credit Services team with any concerns regarding payments, details can be found online or on your recent invoice or email:


What happens to the card payment I made over the phone that is still pending?

Please contact your credit card provider.


How do I cancel my order and get a refund? (including Tool Hire deposits) / How do I get my deposit back for a hire that can no longer take place due to the virus?

Please contact the branch where your order was made by email, which can be found here or for online orders please email Customer Services with your order details to: or for Direct Hire:


Who can I get in contact with regarding my Tool Hire order?

Please contact your local branch via email in the first instance, which can be found here or you can email or


Who do I contact to report overturned plant hire?

Please contact your local branch where the order was placed via email, which can be found here or you can email:


Who do I contact if tools, plant and equipment hire is stolen from the site / van during the lockdown period?

Contact the police, report and then contact your local branch where the order was placed. If you cannot get hold of your local branch please email:


I need my waste hire to be collected, what do I do? (Skips, Hippo Bags etc.)

Please email with your order and account details, and we'll arrange this with you directly.


I live with someone who is vulnerable and I’m worried about coming to work. What should I do? / My family is worried for me going into work. What should I do?

Keeping our colleagues and customers safe and well is our number one priority. We are following stringent social distancing requirements in those limited areas of the business that remain open. We have asked those who are worried to speak to their managers, so they can be supported and work through those concerns by exploring alternative work arrangements.


Can you help support and provide frontline key workers with essential PPE products?

We have been supporting our valued frontline key workers where possible with PPE and other relevant products. We are proud to support where we can and continue to review where we can help further.


Can you help support and provide key workers with essential products?

We are receiving a high number of requests and enquiries. We are doing all we can to support essential services from our current range. For items that we currently do not stock, apologies but we are unable to source these at this time. If you have a request please email or contact us on social media.


Can I still get products direct from a supplier?

Direct to site deliveries are available following the same trading guidance for branches. Please email your local branch who will liaise directly with you on which suppliers can supply.


Are branches accepting supplier deliveries?

Please email your local branch or Branch Manager or your usual point of contact. Alternatively please contact our Customer Services team on: or call 0330 123 3846 and they will inform you of which branches are currently in operation.


How can I change my account address / details?

Please email your details to:


Are any of your products impacted by supply?

Due to high demand, there may be supply issues on certain products. We endeavour to maintain stock levels, please contact your local branch, details can be found here.


Will you supply PPE in branch to keep me safe if I am collecting my order?

Our priority remains the safety of our colleagues, customers and communities. Hand wipes will be provided in our branches.


How are you safeguarding your colleagues, customers and communities?

Our priority remains the safety of our colleagues, customers and communities. We strictly adhere to the following: our colleagues will only come to work if they are happy to do so, social distancing rules will be rigorously adhered to in branch and on deliveries, collections will be by appointment only to restrict the number of people in branch at any one time. Our Branch Managers are empowered to make local decisions and processes to ensure safety is not compromised.


My branch was open and now is not, or has changed the level of service, why is that?

We strive to provide the best service that we can based on colleague availability and being able to safely adhere to the socially distancing rules, this may be subject to change based on changing circumstances.


What will happen when I arrive to collect my order?

Once you have contacted the branch you will receive an email confirming your collection time, you will also receive guidance on the social distancing rules in branch. On arrival at the gates to the branch a colleague will record the customer's arrival on a log sheet of all pre-arranged collections for the day. You will be directed to the specific collection bay that is ready with your products for collection.


I will need assistance loading my order into my vehicle, will I be helped?

Some products have been taken off sale as they require a two-man lift which contradicts the social distancing rules. The branch will notify you if this is the case when they confirm your order.


What is the process for delivery now?

Customers will be taken through the social distancing rules by the branch to confirm the customer is able to take the delivery safely. Delivery slots will be allocated and confirmed by the branch via telephone and then via email also confirming the social distancing rules. On the day of delivery the branch will call the customer to advise when delivery is leaving and the ETA. At point of delivery the driver has the final say on if the delivery can be made safely or not. Please note that not all branches are offering a delivery service. Please contact your local branch to see if this service is available, details can be found here.


My delivery was stopped part way through and the driver would not proceed, what do I need to do?

Our drivers decision will be final - if they feel that a delivery can not be undertaken safely and they can not fully adhere to the social distancing guidelines they will not proceed with the delivery. Should this happen please contact your branch who will go through the key concerns. Orders can be rearranged but for this to be undertaken social distancing guidelines, set out at the time of order, must be followed. Keeping colleagues, customers and communities safe is our priority.


Can I place an order on your website?

Yes the website is open for all account and non-account customers. 


Can I place an order on your website to collect from my local branch?

Yes. Once your order has been placed it will be sent to your local branch, you will then be contacted within 24 hours to confirm if your order can be fulfilled. If they can fulfil your order you will be allocated a collection time. You will also receive guidance on the social distancing rules in branch. On arrival at the gates to the branch a colleague will record your arrival on a log sheet of all prearranged collections for the day. You will be directed to the specific bay that already have your products ready for collection.


Can I place an order on your website and have it delivered to site?

Yes, this service is currently for direct to site or direct to home deliveries.