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ECO4 Energy Efficiency Scheme


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What is the ECO4 scheme?

To try and explain simply, the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) is an ongoing energy efficiency grant scheme. The scheme was originally implemented in January 2013 by the government to deliver low-carbon heating and energy efficiency measures to homes across Great Britain. 

With the scheme being broken down into four phases, ECO4 being the fourth and last phase, ECO4 is due to run over four years, starting from 1 April 2022 up until 31 March 2026. 


The purpose of the ECO4 grant is to commission medium to large-sized energy suppliers to help low income and vulnerable households improve their energy efficiency. This will be done by installing energy-saving products into qualifying homes with the aim of tackling fuel poverty. 


Who qualifies for ECO4?

Households with an income of £31,000 (gross) or under, who have been referred by their energy provider or doctor, or are in receipt of a qualifying benefit. In addition, a property’s EPC rating must fall between a D - G to qualify.

Landlords can also apply for a grant if an eligible tenant is renting the property.


If you’re looking for additional information or you would like to check your eligibility, visit the My Eco Move website. You can also find out more by visiting the government website.


What does ECO4 cover?

To help ensure rental homes are, at least, EPC grade C by 2025 and all homes by 2035, the following products are covered by the grant funding:


  • Boiler repair or replacement

  • Air-Source Heat Pump

  • Solar PV

  • Replacement Storage Heaters

  • Insulation to include: loft Insulation, room in roof Insulation, cavity wall insulation, internal wall insulation


What does the ECO scheme mean for installers?

The government's guidelines require all ECO installers to be registered with TrustMark - this is to ensure consumers are getting quality installations and products from approved installers of energy efficient measures.


To be able to register with TrustMark, installers must be certified as compliant with PAS 2030:2019 by a PAS 2031:2019 accredited certification body, and comply with both PAS 2035:2019 and PAS 2030:2019. 


Where measures fall outside of PAS2030, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certification is required. Any installer wanting to install renewable technologies through the ECO scheme must hold an MCS certification, so consumers can benefit from the financial incentive.


Is the ECO3 scheme still available?

No, not anymore - the ECO3 scheme ran from 3 December 2018 up until 31 March 2022. The last phase of the ECO scheme has been taken over by ECO4.


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