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Keeping People Safe

At Travis Perkins, Keeping People Safe is one of our company values which we call our Cornerstones. And it certainly isn’t about numbers, it’s about people.


We have summarised our approach to Keeping People Safe below, and outline some of the ways we are working towards our vision of ‘Everyone Going Home Safe and Well, Every Single Day’.


An important bedrock of our approach is through involving our people. Each of our regions have Stay Safe Groups which are chaired by our Managing Directors, and provide an opportunity to resolve local issues and champion improvement programmes or areas to focus on.


A learning organisation

When things go wrong (which they sometimes do, despite our best efforts), we want to make sure that we learn as much from the incident as we can and then use that information to help stop a repeat.


Our groundbreaking, multichannel Incident Reporting system gives everyone in our business the ability to report any accident, incident or near-miss from wherever they are. A report instantaneously alerts the right people.


We use our Just Culture Principles to help us get to the right root cause of the incident so that we can take the right steps to learn from the incident. 


We value our customers’ feedback. If you have any concerns regarding our Tool Hire, products or branch arrangements, please let our colleagues in the branch know and they’ll be more than happy to look into matters diligently. 

Delivering to our customers

We are Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Gold membership holders. The aim of FORS is to be the one overarching scheme that encompasses all aspects of road safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions. This is a voluntary scheme that provides assurance that we are meeting our legislative requirements and helps us to become an even safer, greener and more efficient vehicle operator.


We have also invested heavily in new technology for our HGV fleet as well as new Econic vehicles. Econic's provide improved visibility of vulnerable road users as well as other safety features. 

Looking after our customers

A key risk for Travis Perkins and our customers surrounds vehicle movements in our yards. We constantly review our traffic management arrangements to make sure they are comprehensive. We operate our vehicles within safe speed limits and restrict access to hazardous areas. High standards are also maintained regarding how our products are to be retrieved, stored and showcased in branch.


Where we can, we provide dedicated customer collection areas. In addition, whilst we are happy to deliver your items to you, we know that some customers prefer to take their items away themselves. Loading items into the back of your van and/or onto a high roof-rack can be difficult. For this reason, our branches have a set of sturdy podium steps available upon request to assist you.

Independently verified

We believe it is important, for your reassurance, that the approach we take to Health & Safety management is sound. To this end we have achieved, and will maintain, an accreditation to the safety schemes in procurement.


To get these well known accreditations, our arrangements, approach and performance has been independently scrutinised.


To download or view our Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) Certificate please click here.