Accidental Loss and Damage

Our Accidental Loss and Damage Waiver option gives you more protection and more peace of mind with everything you hire.

For an extra 15% of the hire cost, we'll take responsibility for any accidental damage or loss of an individual purchase to the value of £50,000*.
All non account contracts, where the total value of the equipment exceeds £5,000, will automatically have the Accidental Damage & Loss Waiver applied.

Stolen equipment must be notified to the branch and must include the nitfied Police Station and crime ref number.

Please note: Claims could be rejected where inadequate preventative measures were not taken.
Recovery charges incurred are not covered within the waiver scheme.


*Accidental damage and loss cover for individual items with a purchase value of £50,000 - £100,000 is charged at 20% of the hire rate.
All claims are subject to a customer excess payment. Excess is calculated at 10% of the total claim value, with a minimum excess of £100 and up to a maximum of £500.