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5 Common Boiler Problems


Reading time: 6 minutes

How do you diagnose a boiler problem?

It’s safe to say that we may take hot water and heating for granted, until we’re faced with a problem that leaves us in the cold. It doesn’t matter what type of boiler you have or if you have it serviced regularly, some problems are just out of our control. But if you know what could be causing the problem you will be better armed to sort it out quickly. Even better, if your boiler is still under warranty, help is just a call away.

  • 1. Why is My Boiler Leaking?
  • 2. Why is my Boiler on but no Heating?
  • 3. Why is my Boiler Making so Much Noise?
  • 4. High or Low Boiler Pressure
  • 5. Frozen Pipes

We hope you’ve found this article helpful, and if you’re looking for more home maintenance advice head over to Trade Corner for more handy tips and guides.

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