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5 Inspiring Kitchen Styles


Reading time: 5 minutes

Of course, when looking at a new kitchen style, you might be limited to options based on the character of the property. There’s nothing wrong with exploring new ideas, but you may want to consider what’s going to go best with your home. For example, an ultra-modern kitchen might look out of place in a country cottage, or a very rustic kitchen might not give the right feel for a modern home. By going through some of the most popular kinds of kitchens available today, you can see the options out there and find the right choice that’s suited to your home and personal taste.

  • 1. Contemporary Kitchens
  • 2. Modern Kitchens
  • 3. Country Kitchens
  • 4. Rustic Kitchens
  • 5. Scandinavian Kitchens

These are just a few of the different kitchen styles out there which you can draw inspiration from when remodelling your own. You can also explore more kitchen advice and inspiration among our guides, along with further help on home maintenance and improvements.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is intended as an overall introduction and is not intended as specific advice from a qualified professional. Travis Perkins aims to avoid, but accepts no liability, in the case that any information stated is out of date.