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5 Loft Insulation Questions Answered


Reading time: 4 minutes

But what is loft insulation? It can be made up of different materials and come in different types (which we’ll come on to later). Insulation can be rolled out onto the loft floor, but can also be added to awkward corners, pipes and roofs, depending on the type of insulation you use. The benefit of this is that it creates a barrier that slows down the heat leaving your home during the colder months, but can also reduce too much heat entering your home in summer.

  • 1. How Important is Loft Insulation?
  • 2. How Much Difference Does Loft Insulation Make?
  • 3. Are Grants Available for Loft Insulation?
  • 4. What’s The Best Loft Insulation to Use?
  • 5. Can I Install My Own Loft Insulation?

Before tackling loft insulation, it might be worth bringing in an expert to pinpoint the kind of insulation you need (especially if you’re thinking of converting a loft), and finding out if there are any trouble spots, such as areas of damp or the location of draughts. But whether you choose to insulate the loft yourself, or you bring in a professional, it can be really effective for bringing those energy bills down.

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