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Brick Types Explained


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Where to start: engineering bricks and foundation blocks

We’re used to seeing brickwork that forms external walls for properties, and dividing walls for garden privacy for example, but there’s a lot more going on underneath the surface. Unlike the bricks we see from day to day, engineering bricks are functional, providing support for buildings and other structures.

  • What is an Engineering Brick?
  • Concrete Blocks

Which bricks are good for house construction?

We’ve covered the tough blocks that can handle heavy weights and colder temperatures, but what about the more ‘every day’ variety of house brick? These tend to come in two types, common bricks and facing bricks.

  • Common Bricks
  • Facing Bricks

Light texture and smooth bricks tend to reflect modern builds, with solid edges and glazed finishes – it’s details such as these can raise the price point higher than common bricks. For more of an older building brick style, heavy textured bricks bring a more worn and weathered feel. For many repair or extension jobs on older properties, it’s important to look for reclaimed bricks that have stood the test of time naturally.


Clay brick classes

The amount of bricks produced for construction work across the UK somewhere in the billions. With that level of mass production it stands to reason that not all bricks will be produced to exactly the same standards. Through high levels of kiln production there are some bricks that are burnt to different degrees. This means that there are different clay brick classes that are used for different jobs, which are graded from class one, the best quality to class four.


Brick and mortar colours

Brick colour is important, making the difference between a building property that ‘works’ in the space it’s built in, or doesn’t quite suit. Choosing brick and mortar colours can include the overall look for architectural reasons, finding colours that match existing brickwork for repairs or because the building is in a particular part of the country.

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*Statista: monthly deliveries of bricks in Great Britain 2016-2019.


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