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British Standards Explained


Reading time: 3 minutes

What is a standard?

To keep things simple, a standard is the best way of providing a service or product that has been tried, tested, and agreed by experts in their field. 

We all need to be confident in the products and services we buy every day. The British Standards Institution (BSI) ensures just that - making sure things work properly and safely across a vast range of subjects - giving organisations the opportunity to work responsibly by following such standards. Businesses can use standards to show their compliance to a number of legislations by displaying the BS Kitemark on their products. 


Are British Standards a legal requirement?

No, standards are not a legal requirement and there are no set of rules that need to be followed. Businesses and individuals are free to decide if they want to use a formal standard - each will hold a specific number or code relating to it.

British Standards Explained:
  • BSEN 1303
  • BS3621 and BS8621
  • BS7950
  • PAS24

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in explaining British Standards for doors and windows security. If you’re looking for more ideas & advice for doors, come back soon for more updates.


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