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Door Lock Types


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What is the best security lock for a front door?

As well as the door lock, it’s also important to make sure other hardware, such as hinges or even the door itself, are sturdy and well maintained. There’s a huge choice of locks suited to varying requirements, which we’re going to cover here.
When looking for the best lock for front and back doors, the choice is wide, but by going through the benefits of each, we can help you find the best option for your needs.

  • Euro cylinder locks
  • Night latches
  • Mortice locks
  • Rim locks
  • Electronic keypad door locks

Other security door hardware and locks 

Locks are the first thing we think of when it comes to door security, however other hardware can be just as essential to keep properties safe and secure. For this reason, fitting further equipment such as a door closer will improve the security of a building.

Door closers and panic hardware

In areas that see a lot of footfall, such as corridors and entranceways, it’s easy to pass through a door and leave it open. Door closers make sure the door is always closed, deterring opportunistic thieves. Door closers are also essential for helping to ensure safety standards are met when keeping fire doors closed.

For doorways that are designated for emergency exits, especially fire escapes, panic bolts and bars help to keep the door closed from the outside. Panic bolts and latches are designed to be easily opened by being shoved at waist height to leave the building quickly.

Padlocks, chains and more 

There are many different types of security fixtures and locks that fulfil different requirements, aside from keeping front doors securely shut. 

Mostly designed for outdoor use, such as sheds, garden storage and gates, the padlock is a commonly used and versatile solution. Available options are key or combination padlocks, or heavy-duty padlocks can really slow down someone attempting to break in.

Security door chains give residents more confidence when answering the door to strangers, allowing it to open a little way to talk through. While it’s not secure enough when used in isolation, door chains are a good idea for vulnerable and elderly people in particular.

For anyone renting a property for breaks and holidays, the key safe is incredibly useful. These are simply secured to a safe place outside, the key is placed inside, and the safe is locked with a combination. This gives an agreed party access to building through a code, removing the need to meet with the owner or guardian.

Order door locks for a large property project, mortice locks and keypads for commercial properties, or devices to lock up your shed or gate. You’ll find each of these locks and security devices available online now.


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