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Garage Door Size Guide


Reading time: 3 minutes

Are garage doors a standard size?

You will typically find that single garage doors can range from approximately 6.6ft to 7ft high, and from 6ft to 10ft wide. Double garage doors will tend to be around 10.6ft to 16ft wide, with a height, the same as the single, of between 6.6ft to 7ft.


How to measure a garage door

Your size requirements will depend on whether you’re looking to replace existing garage doors or planning to build a new garage. You will also need to bear in mind how much space the door fittings and mechanisms will need to function properly. Take a look at how to measure your existing doors and the things you will need to take into consideration when building a purpose-built garage.

  • Existing Doors
  • Building a New Garage

We hope this article has given you some insight into the sizing of garage doors ready for your next project. Once you have your new garage doors installed, read our tips on how best to maintain them so they have a long life.
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