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Garage to Office Conversion Advice


Reading time: 5 minutes

To convert or not to convert

Homeowners have been weighing up whether to get a temporary set up in a lounge or kitchen, or choosing a more permanent option. 

If a spare room isn’t somewhere that lends itself to an office and the garage is available it makes sense to make the most of it. We’re going to cover what you need to know when setting up your home office garage conversion.

Can I turn my garage into an office?

The simple answer is yes, a garage office conversion is possible. With benefits including making use of a space you already own instead of going to the expense of building an extension, it makes a lot of sense. 

Having a car is the main sticking point though, especially if you have the option of locking it away safely. However, if your garage has become a dumping ground for junk, old furniture and paint cans, this could be a good reason to clear this out. You can turn a poorly used part of the house into a practical workspace.

How much does it cost to convert a garage into a room?

One of the big deciding factors when considering garage conversion ideas is the cost. To make a garage comfortable to work in, costs can climb, especially if considering adding amenities such as electrical points and plumbing. 

However, keeping things simple, the basics for making your garage ‘liveable’ are walls, flooring and insulation, with the possibility of changing the garage door to allow for natural light. Another thing to take into consideration is additional electrical sockets and lighting, but more on wiring a garage later.  Costs can vary based on the size of your garage of course. Estimates may fall between the following:

Single garage conversion (around 8’ x 16’) - £4,000 to £12,000

Double garage conversion (around 10’ x 20’) - £8,000 – £25,000

Again, this depends on whether or not you undertake the conversion yourself or hire a contractor, or an architect, and the necessity of moving electrical points or plumbing.

Do you need planning permission to turn a garage into a room?

As a rule, it’s not usually necessary to get planning permission to undertake a garage to office conversion. However, there are some circumstances where planning permission, or checking building regulations, might be necessary. You can get more clarification from your local planning authority (LPA) for this type of building work.

  • Changing the External Size of the Garage
  • Making the Garage a Separate Building
  • Removed Permitted Development Rights

Can I do a garage conversion myself?

DIY garage conversion certainly cuts some cost and, depending on your confidence with DIY, is achievable. However, hiring a contractor does mean you get professional insight and experience. If taking the path of doing your own garage conversion, there are four key areas to be aware of, which are electrical sockets and lights, garage doors, insulation and flooring.

  • Wiring a Garage
  • Replacing Garage Doors
  • Insulating a Garage
  • Garage Home Office Flooring

Bring your home office ideas to life

Once you start planning your garage conversion, there are many possibilities that are open to you - allowing you to create an effective office space. We can help with a wide range of building materials available to order now.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is intended as an overall introduction and is not intended as specific advice from a qualified professional. Travis Perkins aims to avoid, but accepts no liability, in the case that any information stated is out of date.