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Know Your Timber Types and Terminology


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Which timbers are considered hardwoods? 

Hardwoods generally refer to wood that is sourced from broad-leaved trees. They are often stronger, thicker and more durable when compared to softwoods (which we will come onto later).

  • Common Hardwood Types

What is meant by softwood timber?

Softwood timber is wood produced by coniferous trees. Softwood tends to be lighter, more flexible and less expensive when compared to hardwoods. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, softwoods can be used for roofing, doors and windows.

  • Common Softwood Types

CLS timber 

Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) timber is mainly sourced in the UK from Scandinavian or European softwoods. The use of CLS have grown over the years and is often used for timber framing and constructing internal stud walls. 

CLS is an easy to use and quality type of timber that can be bought already kiln-dried, treated and planed with smooth, rounded edges. These properties make it a reliable choice for a range of building projects.

  • Timber Sizing
  • Timber Terminology

We hope this has helped you understand the types of timber available. For more information, visit our home maintenance hub on Trade Corner. Or why not visit one of our branches offering their specialist timber services for your next project.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is intended as an overall introduction and is not intended as specific advice from a qualified professional. Travis Perkins aims to avoid, but accepts no liability, in the case that any information stated is out of date.