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Outdoor Lighting Guide


Reading time: 4 minutes


Are security lights a good idea?

Security lighting can fall into several different types. From a simple external light for a doorway or porch, to being part of a full security system. They can help with anything from finding your keys at the front door, to potentially acting as a deterrent for intruders. 

But do security lights deter burglars? This can depend on the type of lighting and the placement. For effective security, using a motion detector to turn the light on can be a good deterrent against burglars. It doesn’t just serve to shine a light on someone trespassing on your property, it can also be an indicator to you if you see the light come on through the windows. This can instantly alert you to any sign of someone outside.


Why have garden lighting?

It’s clear to see the practicalities of outdoor lighting as part of your home security setup, but it might not always be the first thought when planning for the garden or patio. Garden lighting can have a huge impact on your outdoor space, giving the option of highlighting key features and making the garden safer.

When taking a look at your garden, think about pathways and corners – any parts that might present a risk when walking. You can use lights to mark out the border of a pathway, as well as to illuminate darker parts of the garden, especially where there might be bumps or dips. It certainly helps to avoid trips or twisted ankles!


Where can you place outdoor lighting?

There’s garden and security lighting for most kinds of outdoor spaces, so you can always find something that suits you and your needs. Some require more effort to install than others, but it’s worthwhile to invest in at least one outdoor lighting method, or even a mix of different types, to make the most of your garden or patio. 

Most domestic outdoor lighting tends to fall into distinct categories: wall lighting, some free standing lighting and lighting that sticks in the ground on spikes. Of these, you are likely to find that wall lighting comes in a lot of different styles. These can be very contemporary outdoor lighting units, or more classic styles, such as coach lantern lights.

So how do you power outdoor lighting? There’s a fair few options when it comes to powering lights outside, including wired to mains, battery power and solar energy. 

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