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Painting a Ceiling Like a Pro


Reading time: 5 minutes

Where do you start when painting a ceiling?

First thing’s first – if you’re decorating a whole room, it’s always best to start with the ceiling and work down. This way you avoid paint splashing on your newly decorated walls, and you can go ahead and paint a couple of coats without worrying about paint drips. It’s also a good idea to put down dust sheets over the floor and any furniture where you’re painting. We can help you to be fully prepared with our decorating checklist.

  • 1. Sanding the Ceiling
  • 2. Cutting in When Painting a Ceiling
  • 3. Masking Tape for Ceilings
  • 4. Painting a Ceiling in Sections
  • 5. Is it Better to Paint a Ceiling With a Brush or Roller?
  • 6. Adding a Second Coat of Paint

By giving yourself enough time, and preparing well, you can give your ceilings a professional finish every time. If you’ve found our tips useful, we’ve got more handy guides and inspirational advice for you at Trade Corner.


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