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There are many ways to give your garden a new lease of life. From building new decking, to adding paths and water features, the choices are almost limitless. One such way is the humble trellis, which brings an attractive, multi-purpose solution for anyone who wants to make more use out of their outdoor space. With that in mind, here are five different things to do with trellis to change the look of a garden in exciting and inspirational new ways.


What is trellis?

Traditionally, it’s a construction made of metal or wood to create square or diamond trellis panels, designed to stand vertically. Trellis can be freestanding or set against a wall.


What size is trellis?

When it comes to panels, standard trellis dimensions can vary, but they’re often between 180cms in height or just over. Standard widths tend to be 30cms, 60cms, 90cms or around 120cms.


Do I need planning permission for trellis?

As a rule, no. Although some local authorities can consider trellis as fencing, it’s often the case that if it doesn’t exceed 2 metres in height it is unlikely to need planning permission. There might be special planning permission circumstances that are worth checking, however. 


What types of trellis are there?

Not only can you get metal or wooden trellis, or made from many other materials, it can come in a broad range of styles too. These include simple panels, fan trellis, A-frame (also known as  ladder trellis), grid, tripod and arch.

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As you can see, investing in trelliswork for the garden can elevate its appearance, or even create a sense of wellbeing. You’ll find a full range of trellis available to order from us online, along with a broad choice of gardening essentials.


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