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Environmental Policy

As part of the Travis Perkins Group, Travis Perkins are fully committed to protecting the environment. We are continually looking for new ways to improve the environmental performance of all our trading activities.

Please visit our Group website for full details on our environmental policy.


Information about the Carrier Bag Charge

The Government introduecd a law requiring all large shops to charge 5p for all single use plastic bags from 5th October 2015. The aim is to reduce the use of plastic bags, reduce the amount of litter associated with them, and to encourage people to reuse bags - this is not a tax and the money does not go to the Govenment. Retailers can choose what to do with the proceeds from the charge, but there is an expectation that we will donate the money to good causes.

You can bring your own bags from home or you can purchase reusable bags for life, which you pay for once and return for a free replacement when they wear out.

To find out more visit: or see our latest carrier bag records here