Benefits of an Account

The benefits of a Travis Perkins trade account


Why do you need to sign up for a Travis Perkins trade account you ask? Well, you don’t need to, we’re still happy to have you – but take it from us, if you’re in the trade and don’t have one you’re missing out. And if you have an account but haven’t registered it online, you’re not benefiting from all of the time and money saving benefits we offer. Stick with us, and we’ll walk you through the benefits of one of our accounts and why you should use it online.

Why do I need a trade account?

  1. You’ll save a tonne of money
    We know it’s not all about the money, but we also know a little bit can make a big difference – which is why we offer discounts on the products you buy the most. Use your discount however you like – whether you pass the savings onto your customer in a really competitive quote, or just increase your profit margin and treat yourself – we won’t judge.
  2. With a credit account you can pay us, when you’ve been paid
    Sometimes it can be difficult to pay for materials for a job you haven't received payment for, especially when you're self-employed or a small business. With one of our trade credit accounts you can spend up to your credit limit and pay us back up to 60 days later. 

Why should I use my trade account online?

With all the perks listed above plus everything below, an online account will simply make your life easier – so you can spend more time finishing projects for your clients or relaxing at home, and less time on admin (and we all know you want to spend less time on admin).

  1. You’ll still receive the discounts you’ve agreed in-branch
    All of the discounts that you’ve agreed in-branch will be transferred to your online account, so you don’t have to worry about paying more than you’re used to. And because all of the discounts will be visible once you’ve logged in, you won’t need to spend time working out any percentages.
  2. You can keep track of your orders
    View your order history to see the products that you’ve previously ordered, so if you realise you haven’t ordered enough of something, you won’t have to hunt through the bins to find the packaging and product name before you can reorder.
  3. You can pay for your items securely online
    Benefit from the advantages of paying online with both credit and cash accounts. Plus, with one of our trade credit accounts you can pay invoices online up to 60 days later.
  4. You’ll save money on delivery and receive your materials sooner
    To sweeten the deal we offer free delivery for credit account customers (and for our cash account customers with a spend of over £50). If you need your items sooner, we also offer free click-and-collect – so in an emergency, you can order everything you need online and pop into your nearest branch to pick it up. If it’s in stock you’ll even be able to collect it within an hour!
  5. You can keep an eye on your account online
    Whether you’re a cash account or credit account customer – you’ll have online access to manage your account, view your order history, and save delivery addresses and payment details with our fast trade-friendly checkout. With a credit account you can also track your spending, review and pay invoices, and view credit notes.

Trust us, a Travis Perkins online trade account is the cheapest and most convenient way to buy, and since we provide such a wide range, from your Bosch and Milwaukee tools, plumbing, electrical and landscaping, and so much more - you can get everything you need in one place. Sign up for your online account here today!

Already created an offline account?

If you created an account after the 22nd of August, you’ll already have an online account automatically set up, you can log in here to start benefiting from all the of perks above.

If you signed up for your account before the 22nd of August then you’ll need to register it online - click here to find out how.

If you've got any questions, don't forget you can give us a call on 0330 123 3846 or pop us an email at - we'd love to hear from you.