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Garage Door Buying Guide


Reading time: 5 minutes

Things to consider when choosing a garage door

Yes, a garage is usually used to store your vehicle, but they don’t always end up getting used for that purpose. More often than not they can end up as a dumping ground for the things you don’t want to lug up to the loft! So depending on what you use it for may dictate how high a priority certain features will be on your list.

  • Security - what kind of locking system do you need to keep your property and belongings safe and secure?

  • Safety Features - if your garage is in regular use, do you have pets and young children that may wander in and out?

  • Size - what is the head clearance of your garage and how much space do you have either side of the door?

  • Operation - are you looking for an electric or manual opening?

  • Like-for-like replacement or something new? - are you happy with the type of door you currently have or do you want to update it?

With the above questions answered you should have a good indication of the type of garage door that’s functional for your home. If you’re simply replacing like-for-like the job should be an easy one - a quick measure up and you’re away!

  • Up-and-Over Garage Doors
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Timber Garage Doors
  • Roller Garage Doors

We hope you have found this article insightful and has answered some of your questions about the different types of garage doors. Why not take a look at our guide on how to maintain your garage door to help you keep it in tip-top condition, and don’t forget to visit Trade Corner for more doors ideas & advice.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is intended as an overall introduction and is not intended as specific advice from a qualified professional. Travis Perkins aims to avoid, but accepts no liability, in the case that any information stated is out of date.