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Garden Storage Buying Guide


Reading time: 6 minutes


Garden storage comes in a range of different sizes, as well as materials. There are also storage options to meet a variety of different needs, so even if you do have limited space, you can still have a place to store gardening essentials. 


What types of garden storage are there?

As we’ve mentioned, there are many different kinds of storage for the garden, with options to suit budget, personal taste and how much space you need. Even very small gardens can have a place to keep things safe and hidden from view.

  • Garden Shed
  • Garden Storage Box
  • Outdoor Shelving
  • Storage Furniture
  • Log Store
  • Bike Store

Do I need planning permission for garden storage?

For most garden storage, it’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission, particularly for smaller structures and boxes. However, when looking at sheds and larger garden structures, it’s possible that you may need to check with your local authority. This is particularly true for taller construction projects, or structures that take up a large area of your outdoor space. 


How do I make garden storage secure?

Keeping tools and other gardening essentials stored safely is a priority. The padlock is a standard lock for sheds and other types of garden storage. However, there are a lot of different lock types you can choose. Depending on the type of garden storage you have, especially for larger and fairly sturdy sheds or outbuildings, these are a good investment for improved security. Because it doesn’t need to be recessed into a door, or require complicated fitting, a rim lock makes a durable solution to keep doors firmly secure.

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