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A radical chemical blend containing a sophisticated mixture of alkaline materials and wetting agents to attack varied types of blockages whether caused by hair, grease, fat, oils, etc.. Heavier than water the unique formula holds the active chemicals together, allowing them to sink to the source of the problem with minimum loss of activity.
  • Heavy duty formulation makes it suitable for both the shock treatment and regular dosing of drains all year round
  • When used as a preventative maintenance measure will ensure free flowing systems
  • It is the most powerful liquid alkali chemical blend available
  • Versatile – can be used in all types of drains and grease traps
  • Reduces foul odours – kills bacteria, fungi and algae; destroys decomposing and rotting matter that are often the cause of offensive smells
  • No harsh fumes – remains stable at high temperatures
  • Harmless to the environment – causes no hazards when critical dilution is exceeded
  • CLEAR-A-DRAIN is 100% water soluble and mixes with hard or soft water

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