4Trade PVA Building Adhesive, Sealer and Primer 2.5L

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4TRADE PVA is an excellent adhesive, highly effective primer, admixture, bonding agent and sealer. It is recommended for interior use and dry conditions.
  • Plastering: To bond new plaster to porous surfaces (old plaster, concrete, etc.), prime with 1 part adhesive : 5 parts water - when dry, coat with a mixture of 3 parts adhesive : 1 part water, and while still wet or tacky apply the plaster
  • Concrete/Mortar: Small areas and gaps, prime with a uniform mixture of 1 part adhesive : 4 parts water - larger areas, prime and dry then coat with 3 parts adhesive : 1 part water (when still wet or tacky, trowel on a normal mixture mortar/concrete)
  • To seal concrete floors: Apply one coat or two coats of 1 part adhesive - 4 parts water
  • Woodworking: To bond all types of wood under dry conditions apply a mixture of 5 parts adhesive : 1 part water to each surface and clamp together
  • Tiling: This adhesive is also ideal for priming porous surfaces prior to wall tiling, use 1 part PVA : 4 parts water
  • Conforms to BS 5270 for internal plastering
  • Container type: Canister
  • Size: 2.5 L

Technical specification

Interior or Exterior Use
Interior & Exterior
2.5 L
Brand Name
Range Description
Sealants, Adhesives and Foams


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