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Calder Industrial Code 4 Lead Flashing 150mm x 6000mm

Calder Industrial Code 4 Lead Flashing 150mm x 6000mm
Calder Industrial Code 4 Lead Flashing 150mm x 6000mm
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  • Lead is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials used in the construction industry
  • Lead sheet is produced from 100% recycled lead also recycled lead has a low carbon footprint and a low energy consuming melting temperature
  • The initial installation cost of lead is comparable to man-made flashings when the additional expense of adhesives and sealants are taken into account
  • Lead is quick and easy to install in most weather conditions and requires no adhesive or other fixing materials
  • Alternatives are very limited in the types of applications that they can be used for, and would not be suitable for more decorative flashings for which lead is renowned
  • When bossed or dressed correctly lead has few laps or joints resulting in a high degree of weather tightness
  • Lead lasts up to 100 years and when used for flashings will last three times longer than most man-made products there is little post-installation inspection or maintenance is required
  • All lead sheet should be coated with patination oil after installation
  • Guides to cover flashing and step flashing are available at or use the link at and
  • Please refer to the Calder Training Module Ask a Question for a quick guide to selling lead

Technical specification

Brand Name
6000 mm
1.80 mm
150 mm
18 kg
As roll length stated, less wastage
Lead Flashing


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