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April Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • If you sowed sweet peas in January, the seedlings can be planted out now

  • After mowing your lawn on a high blade setting, now’s a good time to give it a feed and re-seed thinning or patchy areas. You can use a strimmer to tidy the edges too

  • Give your borders a spring clean to keep them weed-free and tidy 

  • Plant out your strawberries with plenty of fertiliser

  • Any bulbs planted in winter last year should start to shoot this month

  • Plant summer-flowering bulbs and tubers

  • Finish planting your onions sets and early potatoes

  • As the weather gets warmer aphids will start to appear, so keep an eye out for them and treat as necessary

  • Prune or trim back any frost-damaged plants and evergreens

  • Thin out any seedlings you have in your greenhouse and transplant

  • You can start to sow hardy herbs such as: parsley, marjoram, coriander and dill