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December Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • If you like to grow your onions from seed, rather than sets, now is the time to get sowing. Place the seeds into seed trays, or plugs, of compost and leave in a warm place to germinate

  • You can continue to plant tulip bulbs - earlier in the month is more beneficial. You should see the bulbs flowering in early to mid spring

  • Gently clear out ponds of any fallen leaves - these will decompose and affect the water quality over time

  • Get cleaning! Clean and sharpen your tools so they won’t rust when not in use over the wet months. You can clean and store any plastic pots you’ve accumulated over the year too - reuse them and cut down on plastic waste and save a few pennies!  

  • As well as cleaning your garden tools and implements, why not give your greenhouse a once over while things are quiet - your workspace will be spick and span in preparation for spring   

  • Plants won’t need a great deal of watering this season, so water sparingly

  • Many gardeners will associate Christmas with the Poinsettia. Most of us will have these as house plants, as they don’t like the cold nights of winter. Keep them in a semi-shaded spot and water when the soil gets dry

  • If your lawn could do with TLC and it isn’t too wet, repair damaged patches with new turf - being careful not to get caught out by the frost

Top tip:

Look after your rhubarb by removing any dead leaves and compost them. You will be left with just the crown in the winter, so mulch around it to protect against harsh weather. Young plants will take one or two years to produce a good crop. In the meantime, remove any flower heads whenever they start to appear - this will promote good growth for the next year.