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July Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • Keep your garden watered, especially on hot days

  • Deadhead your plants to encourage continued flowering over the summer

  • Cut back perennials such as oriental poppies, hardy geraniums and delphiniums once flowered - cutting them back to the ground will encourage repeat flowering later in the year

  • Compost any trimmings you make and keep it turned

  • You can start to harvest onions and garlic when the leaves start to bend

  • Stake your sunflowers if they have seen rapid growth to help support the plant

  • Hedges can be trimmed now - baby birds should’ve left their nests by this time

  • Plant winter cabbages

  • Plant autumn-flowering bulbs

  • July should boast an abundance of softs fruits, so keep on top of harvesting any that are ripe and enjoy before the birds do!

  • Prune rambling roses of any straggly growth

  • Harvest your first early potatoes. Keep an eye out for potato blight and remove any foliage showing signs - composting the affected foliage is fine as the fungae won’t survive the composting process

  • As always, keep on top of the weeding as they love the warm weather and occasional shower

Top tip: give your fruit space to grow

Summer pruning your apple or pear trees is most beneficial for more mature trees that have become overcrowded. If you cut away this year’s growth, approx. 2-3 inches or a couple of pairs of leaves, this will allow more sunlight to reach your ripening fruits - so be careful not to remove these when cutting back.