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March Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • This month is a good time to give your borders a good feed with some fertiliser and compost, if you haven’t already

  • Keep an eye on any pests as your greenhouse plants will be starting to grow

  • Deadhead your bulbs and get rid of any dead growth on your trees, shrubs and shoots

  • If your lawn is long enough you can mow it with the blades set to the highest setting, then gently rake away the cut grass along with any other debris that’s gathered over the winter months, such as moss

  • Harvest your remaining winter crops so they don’t start to rot

  • You can now start to plant shallots and onion sets, as well as cabbage, cauliflower, beetroot, celeriac, carrots and turnips

  • If you haven’t done so already, you can plant your early spuds!

  • Indoors, you can start to sow tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers