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November Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • Give wildlife somewhere to hunker down for the winter by creating a mini haven in your garden. Just pile up some logs and the insects and hedgehogs will surely come and take up residence 

  • Now’s the time to plant your spring tulips in containers

  • Continue to collect fallen leaves in your garden. Mowing over the leaves first will help cut them up, so they will produce great leafmould 

  • Mulch the roots of any young plants to help protect them against frost - compost or bark chippings work well

  • Get rid of any algae growth on the patio or paths with a pressure washer - this can get very slippery in the cold, wet weather 

  • When you’ve mowed your last mow for the winter, give your lawn mower a good washdown and oil the blades and any moving parts before putting away

  • Take hardwood cuttings of your favourite trees, plants and shrubs - pot each cutting two-thirds deep in pots filled with compost, and keep them well watered until this time next year 

  • Plant garlic ready for a summer harvest. Each clove should be placed in the soil (point up) approximately 2cm deep, and 6 - 9 inches (or 15 - 23cm) apart 

  • Dig over the earth in any area where you have a gap for planting next spring, or even this winter. This will probably be the last time that the ground will be workable before it gets too claggy or hard due to frost. You can leave the clumps of soil to break down over winter. 


Top Tip:

If you like birds in your garden all year round, bird boxes and feeders will help attract a variety to your home. Don’t forget to keep the feeders topped up, so your feathered friends can prepare for winter!