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February Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • This month is a good time for pruning and cutting back. Dogwoods can be cutback to approximately 15cm from the base - this will help maximise quality growth for next year 

  • As with January, if there has been a snowfall, gently shake off your shrubs to avoid any damage

  • There’s always a bit of weeding to do to keep your borders neat and tidy

  • Prune back deciduous shrubs, fruit trees, clematis and rose bushes. You can also prune dead wood from your trees and shrubs too

  • You can now start planting your potatoes that you started chitting in January

  • You can also plant clematis and honeysuckle, these will bring brilliant colours to your garden

  • Start sowing veggies such as: lettuce, broad beans, summer cabbage and garlic - just keep them in a cold frame, greenhouse or even in small pots on your windowsill

  • Borders will benefit from some fertiliser at this time of year

  • Remember to keep those bird feeders topped up!