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January Gardening Jobs


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Gardening jobs for this month

  • This month is a good time to start tidying up dead flowers and shrubs. Gently remove dead flower heads, leaves and stems to help prevent mould - these make great compost too

  • Make sure your greenhouse gets plenty of fresh air to avoid the build-up of moisture

  • This is an ideal time to clean your tools, pots, trays and plant labels ready for use

  • Keep turning your compost to avoid excess moisture  

  • Gently shake off snow from shrubs to help avoid damage 

  • Mulch your borders

  • Top up your bird feeders

  • Harvest any winter veg you have left

  • You can start planning your flowers and garden layout 

  • January isn’t too early for planting - sweet peas can be sown and placed in a greenhouse or on a windowsill

  • Chit your seed potatoes

Top tip: recycle your Christmas tree

If you had a real Christmas tree, there are a number of uses for the chippings: 

  1. use bark chippings as a protective mulch layer for your soil 

  2. pop it in your compost 

  3. use the branches and trunk as a home for insects and wildlife