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June Gardening Jobs


Reading time: 1 minute

Gardening jobs for this month

  • So, we’ve already mentioned strawberries, so get picking!

  • Small, but regular sowings of lettuce every few weeks will see you in steady supply for your summer salads

  • Regular hoe action will beat the weeds into submission - they love this time of year, especially bindweed!

  • Continue to plant tomatoes and feed regularly

  • Keep your vegetables watered

  • Trim box hedges and topiary

  • Before the ‘June drop’ kicks in, thin out your apple and pear trees by removing any smaller fruits - this will allow optimum growth for the larger fruits

  • Keep on top of deadheading your flowers to encourage re-flowering

  • You can start thinking about sowing autumn-flowering plants such as sweet william, pansies, and primroses

  • Plant carrots ready for autumn and winter harvesting


Top tip:

It’s a good idea to start digging up and storing spring-flowering bulbs (hyacinths and tulips) - keeping them cool and dry will eliminate the risk of getting wet and rotting.