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August Gardening Jobs


Reading time: 1 minute

Gardening jobs for this month

  • Carry on watering your plants and flowers

  • Keep on top of weeding and cutting the grass

  • Tomatoes will be reaching their peak so continue to harvest throughout this month

  • Continue to deadhead and prune to keep your garden looking in tip top condition

  • Trimming or cutting back your hedges will also help your garden look smart and refreshed

  • August is a good time to take cuttings as the wood is likely to root quite quickly

  • You can start to sow autumn-harvest salad crops such as rocket, land cress and winter lettuce

  • Continue to harvest soft fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and apricots 

  • Vegetables should still be in abundance too - with the likes of root veggies such as potatoes, beetroot and carrots, along with courgettes, peas and a variety of beans

  • If you’re looking for autumn-flowering bulbs, think about planting cyclamen and crocus early this month to give you quick-flowering blooms

  • Strawberry plants will start to produce runners, allowing you to take advantage of claiming new plants by popping these runners in a separate pot or area of earth, ready to cut free from the mother plant when it has fully taken root in its new home


Top tip:

Be careful not to overwater your tomatoes. Overwatering can cause the fruits to split.